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Farewell to Verdi TN at The Dutch Masters

In 2020 the farewell of Verdi TN at The Dutch Masters was planned. For well-known reasons this could not happen at that time. However, during this year’s edition it will really happen and Maikel will bid farewell to his top horse Verdi TN at The Dutch Masters.

The decision to have Verdi TN's farewell take place at The Dutch Masters is a natural one for Maikel. "The Dutch Masters feels like a home show to me. Many friends and acquaintances have the opportunity to be there as well. It is nice when those people who have followed you all those years can be there. Besides, The Dutch Masters is a fantastic event of the highest level and that is where Verdi belongs. And I am a Brabander myself!

Verdi TN was born in 2002 at Veehandel Musterd in Hooge Zwaluwe in Brabant. His father is the famous French stallion Quidam de Revel, his mother is Clarissa (by Landgraf I). For many years Verdi TN combined breeding with a sport career at the highest level. Together with Maikel he participated in two Olympic Games: 2012 (team silver) and 2016. In 2014 they won team gold at the World Equestrian Games in Caen, France, and five times they took part in the World Cup finals (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017). They also received a gold team medal at the European Championships in 2015. An impressive list and in 2018 Maikel and Verdi finished in a beautiful 2nd place in the prestigious Rolex Grand Prix of CSIO Spruce Meadows 'Masters'.

Maikel owes a lot to Verdi: "Verdi has never let me down and has fulfilled all my dreams I had as a young boy. We made each other big."

Verdi is now at Team Nijhof's stables and is only used for breeding and is in the field daily. "I have seen him end of December, he looks very good and he is doing very well," said Maikel.

Verdi TN's farewell will take place on Sunday afternoon just before the Rolex Grand Prix.

(Photo: TDM/DIgishots)